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Racism aspects in the community and the effects

Racism aspects in the community and the effects

Racism is among the factors that have led to a lack of peace in various continents of the world.

Racism is among the factors that have led to a lack of peace in various continents of the world. There are countries that have people of different races that on various occasions have led to a lack of peace. Different people have different aspects concerning leadership where they would like to have their race being in leadership. In such a situation, the other races will always reject this kind of opinion and lead to the emergence of war among them. This will result in a lack of good relations between the various races making the countries slow down some important aspects such as economic growth.

The economy of a country is

The economy of a country is the main backbone of its development in the form of infrastructure and employment. Countries whose economy is more developed have various advantages when it comes to the employment of its citizens.

Its citizens are always engaged in doing something to earn them a living thereby reducing their level of dependency on the employed. In such a situation, the living standards of people will be good and they will participate in doing the activities of their choice. As a result of this, there will be a low level of criminal activities in the environment of these people, leading to a harmonious life.

Considering the level of racism in

Considering the level of racism in a given country, there will be experienced various advantages and disadvantages. The trading patterns of a given country are determined by the level of peace that they experience. Peaceful countries will attract more countries to want to conduct trade contracts with them since they will be sure of the good outcomes. This will also boost the trust that other states have in such a country, building such a country’s reputation. As a result, the currency will gain strength and be at the top of ranking the currencies. When the currency of a given state has more value on the world market compared to others.

Racism aspects in the community and the effects

On the other hand, if there is racism in a certain state, where different races are fighting for the powers of themselves, the trade patterns of this state will be ruined in many ways. This is because other trade partners will not have complete confidence in signing trading agreements with them. They will not be so sure if the conditions will be met if they sign them since there is no peace. Also, the funds of such a state will be directed to meet the different damages that are caused by the racism clashes. Most of the infrastructure will be underdeveloped leading to the slow movement of the factors of production like trading goods and services.

This currency is at high risk of falling in value for such a state since they will end up taking more loans from the world economic treasuries. The rate of unemployment will rise leading to an increase in social crimes such as theft cases. This is a great disadvantage and therefore tribalism, nepotism and all sorts of social injustice should be avoided to prevent the economy of the behold states. It is the only way of saving mostly for those that have a poor record of trade patterns in their bank records.

If there is a lot of race fighting and clash activities, the governments of numerous states, governmental power, and work will not be fully empowered. Politics will be diluted which will result in coming up with poor leaders and unwanted leadership of the states. For them to avoid this, they need to consider coming up with peace stimulation strategies that will bring together all their people. Citizens will have faith in the power and actions of their government, therefore they will support them by maintaining harmony amongst them.

Tourism is a good factor in the development and earning revenue for any other beholding citizens. For tourists to be attracted to visit a given place, they consider mostly the level of good relation to their place of destination. Lack of drives away tourists and therefore, the revenue that they would bring will not be earned. This will limit the development of local structures such as roads and water supply. For them to avoid this, they are required to avoid practicing racism and communal fights and empress unity among them. This is because being racists is a personal choice and affects only those who will choose to practice it.