Th Scientific and Biblical Definition of The Soul

The creation or better still the existence of man poses so many controversies among many scientists. There some who believe than man was created while others are of the opinion man isn’t God’s creature but, originated from some animal-like organism. The scientific definition of the soul will be a little misleading because much scientific facts are geared towards proving that wasn’t created. They have several theories that explain the existence of man. But, according to the science of evolution, man originated from an ape-like structure that is more like an animal.

The confusing part of this theory

The confusing part of this theory is that animals don’t have souls, so how can a human being origination from an animal said to have as soul. This is the point at which science is limited in providing in providing concrete evidence to the creation of man. It is a fact that much of scientific discoveries have been extracted from the Bible. According to the Bible the soul is that invisible part of man that can’t be seen yet do exist. Man according to the biblical account is made if body, soul, and spirit. Animals don’t have this nature they have just a body without a soul nor spirit.

Th Scientific and Biblical Definition of The Soul

A man without a soul and spirit is just like an animal because what separates man from the rest of creation is his soul and body. Most individuals still find it difficult to believe in the existence of the soul but, by simple illustration of what happens when you dream is a pointer of “another you” that is invisible. Again, most the happenings some times when people sleep and dream is actually a picture of the soul being separated from the body. In one developing nation, a story was told of a young woman who died and few days later was seen in another country.

There is still no evidence to prove that story but, in this part of the planet there is much believes in reincarnation. The bottom line is that science has come to agreement with the Genesis account of the creation of man. It confirms that man has a soul which is invisible; nobody has ever seen the soul because it is the spiritual part of man. The Bible records that nobody can destroy the soul except God this is because people can only destroy that which they see. Science also agrees that man is 3 in 1 consisting of a body soul and a spirit but, the fact that it can’t be seen or communicated with is what makes it a little complex for anyone to understand.