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Uses Of Emotional Intelligence

Uses Of Emotional Intelligence

I am able to make use of different skills to assess the emotions of myself and others.

I am able to make use of different skills to assess the emotions of myself and others. If someone else could do it then the person has what is known as emotional intelligence. It is used by me when an individual says some annoying words. Somethings are imagined in my mind to avoid being upset by those annoying words. Anything this person says should not get me upset because he does not know what he is saying. Let no human make you angry; they just want to know your reaction which you might regret ever taking them.

The state of emotion of either

The state of emotion of either yourself or others is also important before carrying out the right emotional intelligence. For instance, a man would be very happy if he just won a lottery. The right emotional intelligence can be applied in such that this man is in a happy mood; it is a great opportunity. Go and meet him, do things that will make him pleased, and tell your problems to his hearing. He will surely listen and help because his heart is already filled with happiness. The same emotional intelligence may not have effect on someone else; the correct form has to be applied.

Emotional Intelligence can be used to

Emotional Intelligence can be used to take revenge on others especially those who offended you. Be on the side of an angry man who has been provoked by the same offender of yours. Use and convince the man to take revenge on the offender especially when you cannot. Taking advantage of the man’s emotion using your emotional intelligence to suit yourself. Make use of emotional intelligence to prevent people from knowing the other side of you when angry; just try to control the anger. It could be by keeping the annoyance to yourself or doing something that would trigger laughter.

Uses Of Emotional Intelligence

A person might be accused of doing something he did not do, he should try defending himself by faking a crocodile tears. The accusers maybe touched by the tears, and may also believe the individual is not guilty. Apply emotional intelligence to change the topic of questions when they are being asked. For example, you do not want someone to know where you live, give him words that would stop him from coming. Tell him where you live is quite far, and will cost a lot of money to get there. It would distract the person from trying to know where you live.

Teaching a stubborn pupil in class who does not want to listen and learn is difficult. Emotional Intelligence could be used on the pupil; assure him he would receive a gift if he performed well. It will make the pupil have a happy emotion, and be interested in learning. Not everyone knows how to utilize emotional intelligence; it requires quick thinking and reasoning. A wife should use emotional intelligence to pester her husband to get for her what she needs; it may be something her friends have. She will call the man sweet names, place her head on his chest or prepare his favorite meal.

Trying to convince customers to buy your goods is another phase where emotional intelligence can be put in place. Tell them the goods are manufactured by the best company; they will last for a long time. Smile and joke with the customers, offer food and drink to them; it will make them purchase your goods. Something bad may happen in which you want to keep to yourself only; it might make you sad. People will want to know especially when you shed tears, pretend as if it is tears of joy. They will believe you, and even shed tears of joy with you.

Some people get emotional always; this is where emotional intelligence is used with ease. A boy may want to have a kiss with his girlfriend, but maybe shy to do it. With emotional intelligence, he could setup a video of a man and woman kissing. Show the video to his girlfriend, and stare at her for some period while they are alone. The girlfriend will become emotional, and may even be the first to trigger the kiss. Emotional Intelligence helps to take advantage of emotions; it only depends on the right thinking and action to be carried out.