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Stephen Pollington has been writing books on Anglo-Saxon England and the earliest forms of the English language for two decades. In these pages you will find outlines of some of his works and areas of interest. Steve’s many published titles include books on the Old English language, military culture, healing and herblore, runes and feasting in the ‘meadhall’. He has recorded a double CD of readings in Old English and has plans for further recordings. Radio, television and educational filmwork are among his completed projects, with further involvement in the world of film still at the planning stage.


Aside from his published work, Steve has given many illustrated talks and readings and offered informal ‘entry-level’ instruction in Old English.Stephen often appears at the Sutton Hoo Visitor Centre, Suffolk for Wuffing Education offering one-day seminars on a variety of topics – from runes to warrior culture, the Old English language to burial mounds. In association with Portals to the Past, he is available for secondary education school visits to talk about English history, the English language, publishing and authorship.


Stephen attends public demonstration events as a member of Wulfheodenas and in his own right as an author in the field of historical studies.

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